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Bathtub Installation Kamloops

Whatever your reason for replacing or installing your bathtub, Stillwater Plumbing & Heating can help you create or renovate a bathroom space you’ll love using every day.Our team can work with you on residential and commercial new builds, restorations, renovations, and simple repairs. We are a local, family-owned business with experience in local code and permit requirements, as well as rules and responsibilities. We are a Red Seal certified company and certified for gas fitting – we can handle the entire installation process…Read More

Kitchen Plumbing Kamloops

There are two rooms in your home that you want to ensure are ever-functioning – your bathroom and your kitchen. Though you spend plenty of time in other areas of your home, if your bathroom and kitchen aren’t functioning, you are likely to despair. For your kitchen, in particular, low water pressure, leaky faucets, non-functioning garbage disposals, and other plumbing systems problems can result in a bad day…Read More

Bathroom Plumbing Kamloops

Remodeling your bathroom or adding an additional bath? Maybe you need a new fixture installed or require some maintenance, regardless of what is needed we are here to help. Having difficulty with existing plumbing and need repairs or a new plumbing system? Stillwater Heating & Plumbing is the go-to team to call for all your Kamloops bathroom plumbing needs…Read More

Kamloops Faucet Repair

Almost nothing shreds the nerves the way a leaky faucet does. Something about the constant, metronome-like quality of water dripping (not to mention the size of your water bill!) attacks the sanity and could drive anyone mad. This is where we (Stillwater Plumbing and Heating) swoop in to save the day. We offer comprehensive faucet replacement services from trained, licensed professionals whenever you need it. Stop letting water droplets be the soundtrack to your life and call Stillwater today…Read More

Shower Installation Kamloops

Thinking about adding a bathroom but have a small amount of space? Needing a safer option than your current bathtub? Or re-modeling and want the elegance of a modern shower enclosure? Showers are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range for both function and form. Options such as corner showers, square showers, and custom glass doors can accommodate almost any measurements and many unique spaces…Read More

Hot Water Heater Replacement Kamloops

No one wants to start the day with a cold shower. However, if it’s time to replace your water heater, a cold shower may be the only option! A traditional water heater maintains a reservoir of hot water, always available to heat your showers and faucets. While tankless options are available, reservoir tanks remain the most popular option for most Kamloops homeowners…Read More

Sink Repair Kamloops

Sinks really are the unsung heroes of our homes. Hand-washing is an essential part of everyday life, sinks are essential, yet often overlooked in home renovation and repair. However, if you’ve ever seen a show on the HGTV channel, you know that sinks can make or break a kitchen remodel, elevate or degrade the look of a bathroom…Read More

Leaky Pipe Repair & Repiping Kamloops

Nothing is more annoying than the drip, drip, dripping of a pipe unless it’s the higher water bill you receive at the end of the month. A stream of water shooting out of the ground from an underground water leak and turning your front or backyard into mud is pretty unpleasant as well. Water damage from leaks inside your home or business can also cause significant damage…Read More

Sewer Line Repair Kamloops

No one loves a broken sewer line, but there’s no need to let it ruin your day. Our team of professionals at Stillwater Plumbing & Heating is ready to help with sewer line repairs, installation, and maintenance in Kamloops. We can come to your rescue and help you with any repercussions of a significant sewer emergency—or at least lessen the impact. While dealing with sewer line repairs can be quite a headache, our team at Stillwater can take the issue off your hands so you can get back to your life…Read More

Water Main Repair Kamloops

When a water main breaks, it can create a huge problem. You may remember a time when you were driving and heard that a road was closed due to a city water main break. This can be an issue that causes flooding in the streets and makes roads impassable. If you’re a homeowner and your water main breaks, the consequences are on a smaller scale but can be highly destructive, nonetheless. If you don’t take care of a water main break as soon as possible, it can end up being a devastating situation…Read More

Gas Fitting Kamloops

While they are probably not the most exciting elements of a home or building, gas fittings are essential and need to be installed properly. For this part of the building process, you need to hire a professional gasfitter who is certified in all things related to gas systems. From mounting gas lines to connecting new appliances, a gasfitter ensures that the work is done legally to code and is vital to ensuring your new home or business’s safety…Read More

Boiler Repair Kamloops

With British Columbia’s cold winters, a functioning boiler or furnace is an absolute necessity for your health and safety. And having a home heating system that consistently keeps your entire house an even temperature is critically important for your comfort and quality of life. Having enough hot water for cleaning and warm showers is also a wintertime priority. Cold spots, pilot lights that go out, poor ventilation…Read More

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