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Stillwater Plumbing is proud to offer you the best bathtub installations Kamloops. Are you tired of your drab, dull bathtub? Do you need something that fits the space and design of the bathroom remodel that you are planning? Are you adding a bathroom for your growing family or guests? Or maybe you need extra safety features and accessibility?

Whatever your reason for replacing or installing your bathtub, Stillwater Plumbing & Heating can help you create or renovate a bathroom space you’ll love using every day. Our team can work with you on residential and commercial new builds, restorations, renovations, and simple repairs. We are a local, family-owned business with experience in local code and permit requirements, as well as rules and responsibilities. We are a Red Seal certified company and certified for gas fitting – we can handle the entire installation process from the meter and main drain to the faucets and tub flanges.

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We offer a wide variety of tub and bathroom styles, brands, and layout designs for new installations and replacements. Whether your home’s style is vintage or modern, your space is tiny or expansive; your budget is conservative or luxurious, we can work with you to find the bathtub or shower that works.

We also understand that safety and accessibility are an important feature for many bathrooms. When we do the initial assessment, we’ll help you consider your options for improving those features as well, if needed.

For the bathtub that is perfect for you, call the team at Stillwater.

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Bathtub Replacement and Installation​

For bathtub or shower replacement, the choices are almost as limitless as your imagination, even when space is limited.

There are a variety of tub materials – whether you want the sleekness and durability of modern acrylic, the budget-wise benefit of fiberglass, or the warmth of traditional enamel-coated cast iron or porcelain-enameled steel.

Creative use of space is another consideration, whether that means a built-in shower stall, an artfully placed corner tub, a luxurious drop-in tub, or a three wall alcove. Style and design preferences play a role – do you want a ceramic tiled shower that blends in seamlessly or an under-mount tub surrounded by upscale decking material?

Most important, consider how you will use your bathtub. Do you want a standard size tub or tub-shower combination for general household use? Or do you want something larger and deeper, such as a 20-inch soaking tub for relaxing?

Suppose you or a family member have mobility issues or difficulty getting in and out of a regular tub but still want soaking time. In that case, a walk-in bathtub is a great option, in addition to making your bathroom accessible and slip-resistant. Our technicians can provide an evaluation and make recommendations to increase your safety and comfort.

Choose from dozens of brand names for your tub materials, showers, toilets, and faucets. Rely on longstanding names such as American Standard and Whirlpool or browse upscale design with Acritec or Axor. Select luxury details such as Moen faucets or Amba towel heating racks. These are just a few brands we work with.

And Stillwater handles the entire installation. We can run new water supply pipes and flange lines or re-route your existing plumbing system. We install wooden studs, ledger board, background or subfloor as needed and add the finishing touches of baseboard and bathtub surrounds.

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Bathtub Maintenance Kamloops

In addition to new installations, Stillwater also provides routine maintenance and emergency repairs for your bathtub and other plumbing fixtures. Having our team conduct routine inspections and maintenance on your plumbing supply lines and sewer pipes can prevent many plumbing failures.

Our inspection equipment can find developing blockages and internal pipe corrosion. Our expert technicians will also look for worn-out fittings, loose or bulging hoses, and improperly blocked or malfunctioning ventilation systems.

For your own Kamloops bathroom plumbing maintenance, one of the greatest challenges is the humid environment that your bathroom creates. Maintaining proper ventilation with a moisture-removing fan to remove moisture accumulation and keep fresh air flowing can help.

If your ventilation isn’t adequate and too much moisture accumulates, you may have issues with mold, mildew, crumbling drywall, loose tile surrounds, and hard to remove mold growth in your caulking and tile grout. Our team can re-tile or re-grout your bathroom, and better yet, we can install a ventilation system that prevents these problems, making long-term maintenance and bathroom cleanup easier for you and your budget.

Bathtub Repair

Common Bathtub Problems

Older bathtubs share several common problems. One noticeable issue is the worn enamel finishing of cast iron and steel tubs. To fix it, you have several options. You can refinish the enamel, replace the tub, or install a liner that overlays the current tub without replacing it. Similar to replacing or upgrading a sink.

And sometimes the finish is in good condition, just extremely outdated. The colors and designs that seemed beautiful in a previous decade may seem hideous to you now.

Leaks and drain clogs affect your tub too. Although they sound simple, the true source can be difficult to find, and easy fixes such as caulk and drain cleaning chemicals don’t always help. That’s why our team has advanced equipment troubleshooting the cause. And we can help you with everything from a replacing a broken sewer line to repairing a dripping faucet or a leaky pipe.

Why Choose Stillwater?

Bathtub Replacement

Your bathroom must be functional and practical to meet your everyday needs. But you also deserve a haven for relaxation at the end of the day and a place that motivates you to get moving in the morning. At Stillwater, we are detail-oriented and take pride in the little things that make your bathroom perfect for you.

We are also fully insured, licensed, and bonded, and participate in WorkSafeBC. We are Red Seal Certified and certified for gas fitting. Our founding owner has over 30 years of professional plumbing and gas fitting experience. And we are a local, family-owned business committed to providing the best in service to the Kamloops community.

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You’ve been planning and dreaming of your new or remodeled bathroom long enough! Start turning those plans into something real and improve the safety, satisfaction, and value that your home brings you. Bathroom updates and additions increase your home’s resale value too! So, call Stillwater Plumbing & Heating today to schedule your first appointment. Book now for results you’ll love later!

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