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Selecting the right kitchen plumbing Kamloops experts can be tough. There are two rooms in your home that you want to ensure are ever-functioning – your bathroom and your kitchen. Though you spend plenty of time in other areas of your home, if your kitchen isn’t functioning, it’s likely to disrupt your day, put you in a bad mood or both. For your kitchen, we are happy to assist you with the follow: low water pressure, Kamloops faucet repair, non-functioning garbage disposals, Kamloops leaky pipe repair , Kamloops sink repair and other plumbing systems problems can result in an undesirable experience.

The fact is, we spend at least 40 minutes a day in our kitchens, preparing food and serving it, and not to mention the time we spend eating and cleaning up. Though eating out can be fun, it’s probably not something you want to do on a day in and day out basis. Quite simply, your kitchen needs to be functional.

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And what if you’re building a new home, or renovating your existing home? The chances are that you’ll want some extra attention spent on your kitchen. Whether you dream of a gourmet kitchen with all the features or just want to correct some troublesome inconveniences, you’ll want to work with a professional plumbing team that can help make the kitchen in your dream house a reality.

Whether you need to fix a dripping kitchen faucet or are looking for support with your new build, the team at Stillwater Plumbing & Heating is the best in the business. Not all contractors are the same, and when you work with Stillwater Plumbing & Heating, you’ll quickly understand why. With over 30 years of plumbing experience from the owner alone, Stillwater is Red Seal certified and is bonded, insured, and covered by WBC.

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Kitchen Plumbing Repairs

With so much activity taking place in the kitchen, things will go wrong from time to time. In particular, frequent plumbing repair projects are due to grease clogs, and faucet drips, refrigerator water line malfunctions, dishwasher drain issues, and leaks under the sink. Though you may have the skills to tackle a plumbing fix here and there, sometimes it is best to seek help from a professional technician that can adequately assess the kitchen plumbing repairs needed at your residence.

Sometimes, well-meaning homeowners attempt repairs on their own, and in many cases, these repairs serve as a bandage until a more permanent solution can be had. However, these temporary fixes can cause more damage down the road, eventually leading to an emergency repair.

The professionals at Stillwater Plumbing & Heating offer filtration repair services, dish washing machine repair, faucet repair, garbage disposal installation and repair, instant water heater repairs, and any leak repair. If you are replacing a basin system or you need plumbing help for your kitchen sink or dishwasher, our team is ready to assist. If you need to fix a leak under the basin or replace the basin altogether, leave that to our team.


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Kitchen Fixture Installation

Today’s modern kitchens offer more space and compartmentalization. As such, popular choices for kitchen sinks include self-rimming sinks, under-mount sinks, and integrated quartz sinks. Though these sinks are both innovative and pretty to look at, these sinks are also quite challenging to install. With just one wrong move, homeowners can find themselves facing costly repairs or fixture replacements, or even worse, a new leak that needs emergency attention.

In addition to installing a new kitchen sink or faucet, homeowners are often looking for help with garbage disposals, icemakers, and even wall-mounted pot fillers.

A properly functioning garbage disposal reduces waste and can keep nasty smells from building in the kitchen garbage can. But working with garbage disposals can be dangerous for the inexperienced, even if efforts are well-intentioned. Though icemakers now come standard in many refrigerators, they are notorious for leaking, creating obnoxious odors, getting clogged, or not working altogether. And those wall-mounted pot-fillers? Though cool and super convenient, they require installation by a professional plumbing contractor to ensure that you don’t end up with a water leak behind the wall, or potentially worse, a gas leak due to a bumped gas valve or hookup.

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Brands We Work With

Stillwater Plumbing & Heating works with the best kitchen brands. We work with brands such as Blanco, Wessun, Kohler, Kindred, Kraus, Glacier Bay, VIGO, and Sinkology. We want our customers in the Kamloops, British Columbia area, to have the best fixtures in their kitchens. As such, we match great quality work with high-quality brands.

Don’t see your brand on our list? Don’t worry. Give us a call, and let’s talk about what you are looking for in your kitchen. We’ll work together to ensure that your kitchen fixtures provide the dependability you need while offering you the classic, transitional, or modern look you desire.

Choose Stillwater Plumbing & Heating for Your Kamloops Kitchen Renovation?

Stillwater Plumbing & Heating is locally owned and located in the Kamloops area. Our technicians provide hands-on help with all of your kitchen plumbing repair and kitchen remodeling plumbing needs.

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No homeowner wants to experience downtime that keeps them from cooking and enjoying meals in the kitchen. The kitchen is the center point of a home, where family members and friends join together to break bread, share laughter or tears, and create memories. Don’t let your kitchen troubles get in your way. Our team is ready and able to fix your kitchen plumbing issues so that you can get on with making your next kitchen memory.

Our goal is to give you the best service using up-to-date technology. We use camera and video inspection equipment to help us troubleshoot the root cause of your kitchen plumbing problems. Further, we have developed strong and long-lasting relationships with a variety of kitchen plumbing manufacturers. We take pride in our expertise and will make sure your kitchen is all the better because of it.

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Our goal is to provide you with affordable, quality kitchen plumbing repair and remodeling services. Whether you need a drain snake run through your pipes, you need help with a gas hookup for your new kitchen range, are looking for the installation of an instant-hot-water dispenser, or any other Kamloops plumbing need, Stillwater Plumbing & Heating is here to serve you.

Please book an appointment now by calling us at 250-819-8247. For all your Kamloops kitchen plumbing needs, Stillwater is the team to call.

Our Kamloops Service Area

We’re proud to service the Kamloops area. Our professional technicians cover the following neighbourhoods in the south-central portion of British Columbia.

  • Aberdeen
  • Barnhartvale
  • Batchelor Heights
  • Brocklehurst
  • Campbell Creek
  • Dallas
  • Heffley Creek
  • Juniper Ridge
  • Knutsford
  • Mount Dufferin
  • North Kamloops/North Shore
  • Pinantan
  • Pineview Valley
  • Rayleigh
  • Rosehill
  • Rivershore
  • Sahali/Southgate
  • Valleyview
  • West End/South Kamloops
  • Downtown/City Centre
  • Sun Rivers
  • Westmount
  • Westsyde

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