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Kamloops Gas Fitting Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Stillwater is the premier service provider for gas fitting Kamloops. While they are probably not the most exciting elements of a home or building, gas fitting is are essential and need to be installed properly. For this part of the building process, you need to hire a professional Kamloops gasfitter who is certified in all things related to gas systems.

From mounting gas lines to connecting new appliances, a gasfitter ensures that the work is done legally to code and is vital to ensuring your new home or business’s safety.

Gas Fitting Kamloops

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At Stillwater Plumbing and Heating, we can do inspection and installations on both commercial or home gas systems. We provide expertise and top-notch service to all our customers throughout Kamloops, British Columbia.

No matter whether you are replacing an existing gas line, planning a new build, looking for maintenance on a system, or looking to install gas-powered appliances, we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

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Natural Gas Line Installations

When you hire the professionals our professional techs, you can expect high-quality installation services for your natural gas lines.

A problem with installing a gas system can lead to dangerous leaks and an emergency down the line. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that a professional technician handles this portion of any renovation, repair, or new build.

During the installation process, we will send our expert gas fitting service team to your worksite to assess the components we will need and the route that the system will follow throughout the house or building.

Once we’ve arranged an installation appointment date and time, we will send the gas fitters and piping technicians to make sure that your new gas line is correctly set up.

At Stillwater, we only hire certified gasfitters who are up-to-date on industry-leading systems, parts, and practices. These professionals can also assist with any system upgrades, repairs, or regular maintenance checks necessary to ensure that your equipment works the way it’s intended. We also are happy to provide plumber Kamloops should you have a plumbing issue.

Gas Line Leaks and Repairs

As a general rule, natural gas tends to be a more attractive energy source, as it is typically cheaper and more energy-efficient than electricity. The most common downside of this energy source is that it can become explosive if it accumulates in a high quantity within the surrounding oxygen supply.

Natural gas is odorless in its normal state, meaning that if there were to be a potentially harmful leak, you might not know about it. This is why natural gas companies add an unpleasant, rotten odor to the compound—making it very obvious when the gas has been left on accidentally or is leaking.

There are several reasons why your gas system may be leaking:

  • Worn out hardware
  • Faulty seals on the line
  • Incorrectly sized fixtures
  • Punctures in the polyethylene piping

If you suspect any leakage and need assistance to identify the root cause, Stillwater Plumbing and Heating can send a service tech to fix the problem.

Appliance Installations

Perhaps the more exciting side of gas fitting is the installation of new appliances. There’s nothing like brand new appliances to elevate the status of any house.

Our team at Stillwater Plumbing and Heating is able to handle installation of a wide range of appliances:

  • Air conditioners and heaters
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Hot water heaters and tanks
  • Gas ranges and cooktops
  • Patio heaters and pool heaters
  • Ovens and grills
  • Hot tubs and fire pits

Whether for residential or industrial purposes, we can help determine the most efficient method to install appliances in any room from the kitchen to the patio through an initial appointment.

Maintenance Services

Sewer Services​

If done properly, natural gas lines should require very little maintenance—only needing occasional repairs or part replacement. You may need help with boiler repair Kamloops our help with a Kamloops hot water heater replacement. Either way our team of certified pros is there to help you!

Inspection services will help us to determine what type of maintenance needs to happen. We can repair and replace any components of your gas system, including (but not limited to):

  • Crimp pipe fittings
  • Cylinder connectors
  • Gastite fittings
  • Hookups and hoses
  • Outlook boxes
  • Seismic valves

You want to take caution when entertaining the idea of making repairs yourself. Online tutorials for this kind of work don’t factor in the unique setup of gas lines within each home or business. Since natural gas is flammable, it is dangerous to tamper with professionally-installed systems without proper training or experience.

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At Stillwater Plumbing and Heating, our licensed gasfitters can handle anything from fireplaces to barbeques and furnaces to dryers. Book now to ensure the safety of your apartment, condo, business, or household.

If you are a homeowner or company looking for experienced contractors in Kamloops, call us today for an initial assessment of your project—we look forward to working with you!

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    By all accounts, natural gas is a more efficient source of energy than electricity. While you might be hesitant to switch from electricity to natural gas due to the higher up-front cost of gas appliances, there are several reasons why gas is a better choice in the long run:

    • Gas appliances will still run in inclement weather if power lines are down
    • Natural gas is typically cheaper than other forms of energy
    • Efficiency statistics for natural gas are higher than those for electricity

    Because each building or house is unique in how it is originally fitted with internal components like electrical sockets, wiring, and plumbing, the cost of converting to natural gas is difficult to estimate without a consultation.

    The team at SPH can help determine the overall cost of converting your home or business to natural gas. This process will almost certainly result in savings.

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