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Professional Shower Installations in Kamloops

Stillwater Plumbing is happy to provide professional Kamloops shower installations. Thinking about adding a bathroom but have a small amount of space? Needing a safer option than your current bathtub? Or re-modeling and want the elegance of a modern shower enclosure?

Showers are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range for both function and form. Options such as corner showers, square showers, and custom glass doors can accommodate almost any measurements and many unique spaces. You can even add an outdoor shower for your garden or pool area.

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And when getting out of the bathtub becomes difficult, walk-in showers offer a safe alternative. Shower heads in a walk-in tub offer yet another option. Shower systems with multiple water outlets provide even more safety and convenience, combining a fixed shower head and flexible handsets.

Showers can also be a cost-friendly alternative to a full bath. With the space flexibility that showers offer, and budget-wise materials such as acrylic and fibreglass, you can install a stand-alone shower that is both attractive and affordable.

Whatever your needs, Stillwater’s technicians are full-service contractors who complete your new shower installation from meter to faucet, from the main sewer to your shower’s floor drain. We can install all the plumbing for your new build or add-on construction. We also prepare the area in an existing building, adding wood framing and wall panels as needed. We’ll do an initial assessment to look at your current space and discuss your needs and preferences and work with you to choose your materials and design, and we’ll follow up after installation to ensure that you are satisfied.

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Shower Replacements – Renovate and Innovate

If the shower you already have is falling apart or is desperately outdated, you have many replacement options available. This renovation is a great time to take advantage of all the modern conveniences that 21st-century shower design offers.

Everything in life seems to have gone digital, and showers are no exception. Set the perfect shower temperature by remote control or activate your personalized digital shower experience with your voice or phone. No more adjusting knobs and trying to guess exactly how warm or cold the shower will be – if you want a balmy 105 degrees, just give the shower your instructions. We also provide bathtub installations.

And if you want the ultimate in shower comfort and muscle rejuvenation, consider bringing the sauna to your shower with a steam system. The steam head will emit steam in your shower area, keeping your entire body warm and relaxed. No more dancing under the water to keep warm all over! You can also enjoy multiple jet streams emanating from a waterfall faucet or the convenience of multiple showerheads and adjustable shower nozzles in a complete shower system.

You also have water-saving options, with a wide range of low-flow aerator shower heads and faucets available. You can keep it simple with some basic shower panels and a simple ceiling-mounted showerhead for a minimalistic approach.

And if you are renovating because your current shower is worn out, but you want to stay true to your home’s original design, we can retrofit current materials and fixtures to make them work in an older house.

Shower Repairs

Sometimes your shower just needs a little extra attention, not a full replacement. Our experienced professional team can troubleshoot and fix your shower’s problems. We are also available for emergency plumbing repairs in Kamloops.

Dripping, leaking faucets, and low pressure are common complaints. You might just have a clogged aerator or worn seals in the faucet, or there could be damaged inner valves in your system. Check out our Kamloops faucet repair services.

Cracked showerheads and busted knobs are fixes that can be simple when you have the right equipment but tough for a homeowner who doesn’t have the necessary tools.

You may have ventilation issues that are causing problems too. If your ventilation fan isn’t working correctly or has never been installed, you could have water damage from the steam and moisture accumulating in your bathroom. This can cause mold and mildew or damaged wood and drywall.

Sagging shower panels are unsightly and can also let moisture get into areas that are not meant for direct water exposure, which can be another cause of water damage. Maintaining watertight seals to keep water out of where it shouldn’t be is an essential part of shower maintenance.

Loose or worn fixtures, chipped or cracked surfaces in your shower base or panels are other repairs that might not warrant a total replacement, especially if you still love the rest of the shower ensemble. Call Stillwater and make what you have last longer! If you encounter problems with your hot water then you might need our Kamloops hot water heater replacement service.

Choose Your Style and Brand

When you work with Stillwater, you are working with the best material brands in the business. We offer showers and accessories from Maax, Dreamline, Ove Decors, Jade Bath, Ella Bath, and Vigo. Choose durable, quiet shower door replacements from Maax, innovative enclosures or custom glass from Dreamline, Ove Decors showers and vanities for an overall remodel, Jade Bath’s waterfall shower faucets and upscale shower stools, Ella’s elegant lay down or seated walk-in tubs with wheelchair and double seat options available, or Vigo’s artistic faucets and enclosures. Whatever your style, Stillwater offers the options you need to express it in your new bathroom, from the shower base to the detailed fixtures.

Why Choose Stillwater?

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Stillwater is Red Seal Certified and certified for gas fitting, giving us the ability to provide the full scope of pipe laying for all your plumbing and heating needs. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, participate in WorkSafeBC to ensure the safest practices for you and our employees, and we warranty our work. As a family-owned business, we understand how important it is to your family to have dependable quality service.

That’s why we also provide maintenance Kamloops water main repairs, Kamloops sewer line installations, Kamloops sink installs and emergency repairs as well as new installations. And we take a professional approach to every job, larger or small, making sure that all the details of your shower installation or repair are done right.

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You’re reading this because you’ve wished you had a functional and beautiful shower or shower-tub combination. Now is a great time to take action! Book now to improve your home’s value and the practicality and appearance of your bathroom with a Stillwater shower installation. Whether you are adding a half-bath, renovating your current bathroom, or making safety upgrades, you’ll be glad you called Stillwater! Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment and get started! We are pleased to offer a wide range of plumbing services for your entire home or business such as commercial or residential kitchen plumbing services in Kamloops.

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